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Making Few Stops In Bolivia


These past holidays I had planned to go to Machu Picchu, I thought since I am going to be in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, why not take a bus to La Paz; and then another one to Puno, Peru, and so on. Omitting my own land I felt a bit guilty. But, suddenly my travel time had to be cut in half, and thanks to this change of plan; and itinerary, I saw the opportunity to stay in the road and visit other places in Bolivia. When this chance showed up, I thought of places I grew up seeing in books, and places I had always heard of.


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Good Oldies

Earlier this year, a desire to get acquainted with great music from the past had me invade my iTunes library with great new music; at least to me. Music that is soulful, entertaining, vibrant, and downright exciting. After a moderate research I tried to cover great musicians of past decades. I assembled this playlist I call " Good Oldies" I keep adding to it as I find great sound here and there, but, until now I love these couple songs so much–I made mix CDs and gave them to some of my friends. As every creative person does, I believe music just makes work or any mundane activity just more fun. So, enjoy!

July 13, 2014 - No Comments!

Summer Gigs

This summer the idea of start looking for a job  was sort of uncomfortable. It was not too excited about looking for a new job because despite of the gratitude I have towards my first graphic design job; which was just this past summer. The experience was not what I expected, and yes; it was a rewarding experience, rewarding in the sense that it helped me grow, thought me how to be more marketable, and I gained a lot organization skills. However, It was not creatively fulfilling. That is one thing, but another factor was that the abundant of work that school gave me, had left me with no time to actually start applying for jobs, I did not wanted to just apply anywhere. So I really wanted to research the places I was going to apply for. In my head I had planned to search for studios with a culture around their work.

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May 21, 2014 - 1 comment.

Thank you card

Congratulations card

The day before graduation I spent all day finishing an idea that I had come up with a long ago. I wanted to make a thank you card for my class. Unfortunately, I had not put too much time on the card until that day. Months before I had written the thank you note, made some sketches, and finished some of the illustration in the computer.

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