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February 25, 2017 - No Comments!

Reflexion acerca de El otoño del patriarca

Para Gabriel Garcia Marqués sus cuentos eran un tipo de ejercicio literario, es por esto que la impresión que nos deja el leer una novela y un cuento de este escritor es distinta.  A diferencia de sus cuentos, en las novelas la narración se expande y se expresa en total plenitud. En ellas hay una clara historia que se abre y cierra, y esto es evidente en los finales de las novelas de este autor, en sus fianales no hay ambigüedad o espacios para dudas; lo que no siempre sucede en alguno de sus cuentos. Las novelas de Garcia Marquez terminan con mucho mas intención y es esta precisión lo que se puede esperar en El otoño del patriarca. En muchas maneras esta novela es tambien una interpretacion de la historia, ya que la historia es uno de sus aspectos mas importantes. Pero todo no termina ahi, esta novela esta llena de excesos: el primero es la manera en que se escribe esta novela; de una manera muy pero muy densa y casi sin ningun punto o coma, luego la conocida exageracion del autor llega a sus limites, el personaje pricipal no solo esta aquejado por un monton de plagas pero tambien tiene rasgos de animales y tiene un poder que mas alla de politico se asemeja al de un dios.

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September 14, 2014 - No Comments!

Good Oldies

Earlier this year, a desire to get acquainted with great music from the past had me invade my iTunes library with great new music; at least to me. Music that is soulful, entertaining, vibrant, and downright exciting. After a moderate research I tried to cover great musicians of past decades. I assembled this playlist I call " Good Oldies" I keep adding to it as I find great sound here and there, but, until now I love these couple songs so much–I made mix CDs and gave them to some of my friends. As every creative person does, I believe music just makes work or any mundane activity just more fun. So, enjoy!

May 21, 2014 - 3 comments

Finals and graduation week

All these awesome people, they are the best part of my school experience. The photos turned out great! I love them all. The black and white setting in my camera was something I wanted to try but I had not gotten a chance to really capture something important, and graduation was the best opportunity I have had so far. Black and white photography just adds this layer of communication that enhances the subtle signs, a layer that color photography does not always have. Either this is because, the elegance of the monotone or the way in which the excessive color-punches seem to be iron out of the image. A black and white photo just highlights the moment's atmosphere.

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May 9, 2014 - No Comments!

Print & Digital Publication

My thesis project is finally coming to an end. I only have one more week of classes and the printed version of my thesis is done, now I had turned the publication into a DPS, this is an acronym for the adobe products pack named: digital publication suite. This is the last assignment I have to do for school and I could not help but to think of that while I was completing it. Who has not thought of that time when your last-last assignment is complete. when all the assignments are over and is time to say I am done with school.

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April 11, 2014 - No Comments!

NEXT 2014 | April 10 to May 18


I had the pleasure to be surrounded with people as exited as I am when it comes to creating good work. I saw my friends and now colleagues evolve and hone their skills. To see their work ethic and their creativity combined it was just uplifting. I loved the environment and community the Corcoran has, from the faculty to the alumni; they all made it that much easier to pull-off all those all-nighters and still have the energy to get your work critic day after day. For me, and for many others I am sure, it was a challenge I was glad I took.
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