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Finals and graduation week

All these awesome people, they are the best part of my school experience. The photos turned out great! I love them all. The black and white setting in my camera was something I wanted to try but I had not gotten a chance to really capture something important, and graduation was the best opportunity I have had so far. Black and white photography just adds this layer of communication that enhances the subtle signs, a layer that color photography does not always have. Either this is because, the elegance of the monotone or the way in which the excessive color-punches seem to be iron out of the image. A black and white photo just highlights the moment's atmosphere.

From left to right. Carissa Sudjono, Gina Barton, Raksa Yin, Raz Raz Khashoggi.

From left to right. Carissa Sudjono, Gina Barton, Raksa Yin, Raz Khashoggi.


Kimberly Cheung


Graduates class of 2014

Corcoran College of Art + Design, Class of 2014.

From left to right. Peter, Emily Bennett Price, Ryan Mahoney, Renata Salazar-Costa.

From left to right. Peter, Emily Bennett Price, Ryan Mahoney, Renata Salazar-Costa.


My last week of school finally happened, I went through my last "week-of-finals" and I could not completely grasp the idea that I was writing towards my last paper, designing towards my last school project, and staying up late for my last  school-related all nighter. I could not quiet believe it. was a strange feeling. It was definitely exciting. However, at the same time it was sort of nostalgic.

That week of graduation, I had too many trivial things to do that all combined made it just as tedious as another week of heavy load of assignments. I had to go to the rehearsal, pick up my cap and gown, prepare the work to show for final-reviews, put all semester's work in a DVD,  make sure to have something to say for final critique,  attend the pizza party at Comet Pin Pong; that one was actually fun, being at the last classes just fill out the teacher evaluation forms, finish a ten pages paper for a humanities class; other than that no assignments due. Yet, the hardest part of the week was to start getting acquainted with the idea that every goodbye I say to my friends was the last one I'll give them at the school, every walk I take in the school's hallways was the last one I'll take, and that last assignment I just finished was too the last one I will complete for school.

While aware that I would see everyone again in graduation, that last time at school was different. I know it is not unheard-of, but, I will miss to see all of my friends in the same building, to stop for a quick lunch-grab and talk about what is going on with them. I feel that I could do that with anybody in that building, and that is what will make the memories of these past years meaningful. The quality of people I got to meet in this school, they are close friends more than classmates. I will miss them.

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Maria A
May 21, 2014 at 2:46 pm

PETER!!! I WILL MISS YOU!!! (even though you’re probably staying in the area but still) We seriously need to keep in touch….I know I suck at keeping in touch with people but I’m going to try this time with you and other people. Because you guys are the best! I hope everything turns out great for you in the future and maybe someday we’ll cross paths in our career (We should do that design studio place you, Raksa, Martin and I talked about during web class). AND WE SHALL CELEBRATE A-PLENTY-OF-TIMES DURING THE SUMMER WITH PEEPSS!!

    May 21, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    We ought to! stay in touch, by the way, I know Anh is in the area too; at least for a while, and yesterday I was with Raksa at that event and he was like “yeah after June I’m free.” So, we definitely should have some summer-time fun.

May 21, 2014 at 5:19 pm

You 2 make me cry

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