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Music Posters

Poster_Music 01

Is spring break already. Now time has passed faster that I would like to and I have to show some progress. I am happy to say things seem to be falling into place, in this break I ought to finish the exhibition. In the school we were told that in our return we should start putting our stuff up in the gallery. This below is an sketch of  the first concept for my posters for the exhibit:


and here are some of the ideas I have for it, the one thing I was sure I wanted was the images running in a diagonal,  I thought of triangles and squares at first as you can see in some of my renderings. but now I have decided to have them in long rectangles, however, they would continue to run stacked one in top of the other as a way to suggest a big group.

Finally after several ideations  I decided in a layout for my exhibit, the structure is around the same idea I just added another item. I would still have the three main concepts; Music, design, and culture. One poster in each side and in the middle my infographic video and the timeline of hits form the '00s.  I hope to get the TVs for my videos from the gallery, apparently they are in high demand so if I do not get them from the Corcoran I might need to buy one. They guaranteed me only one. I also have to get a good set of headphones, I believe is a good excuse to get a nice ones this time. I always get the cheap one and they only last few months and since this ones would be in display I would like to have them to be white so they blend with the rest of the exhibit but at the same time they are not distracting. The white makes it look less cheap and disposable as well. So I'll see what I can find.




Final sketch I'll give to the exhibition designer

This video below  is a bit of my workflow when I was designing and putting together the poster. I still need to finish the second one, but I will post more about that one when is done.

So here it is the final "Culture" poster. It took me an entire day to get the resolution of every image right. The thing is huge is a 2 foot by 7 foot long poster.


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