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Social Project


This was a project for a class in which the students were asked to come up with a social project,  for this project I worked with my friend Raz, talented motion graphics designer by the way. So we had to come up with a project and I think we decided that the aesthetic side was not where most of our effort should go to, even though we both are design-driven. When we were thinking of what to do we had a hard time figuring out a way to bring a bit of social consciousness without sounding so preachy or annoying. After an agitated conversation we decided it to do something with the social medias since almost everybody can relate to them.

The idea was a comment in the superficial aspect of our social lives in the internet. Sometimes it seems that our profiles in the different social medias are as important as our friends, when we know is absurd . Updates, comments, likes, and so on consume a lot of our time , and for what? is it worth it to burn ourself everyday just to state our presence online? We, specially young kids, are loosing touch with our actual-social-life, social media seems to be that good excuse to replace the real social experience for the screen. What makes us social beings has little to do with technology, and in the contrary has to a lot to do with our behavior outside the screen; with the way we interact with people in the real world.

To find out more about our project you can visit our website www.inreallife.co or follow the project in Instagram.

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