Pain in the Nation: The Drug, Alcohol, and Suicide Crises and the Need for a National Resilience Strategy  is a report produced by the Trust for America‚Äôs Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Well Being Trust. This report details recent trends and projections related to three major crises: deaths related to drugs, alcohol, and suicide. So, if the Pain in The Nation report is meant as a resource to learn about these issues the later part of this report tittled "National Resilience Strategy" is meant to be a solution. These is where me and my team got the chance to build a site that was a contrast to the dark and somber look to the Pain in The Nation Report's website.  We built a light and sucint site that distilled solutions to bullet points.

Kevin Richards | Cretive Director
Joon Kim | Senior Copywriter
Deanna Steers | Developer
Francis "Iko" Gabay | Visual Designer
Peter Verastegui | Visual Designer