A brand refresh
As part of USA Today's 2017 brand-refresh the design team created a video graphics package to serve as a template for the newspaper's online content. As the team created this graphics an in-depth research was done, starting with case studies of companies such as Vox, CNN, Vice, AJ+, the team  had to change, many times, the direction fo their work and rethink many of their choices. We were surprised to find out the many intricacies of designing for today's social media platforms.

Glenann Godden | Senior Art Director
Peter Verastegui | Designer
Dylan Glenn | Visual Designer

Colors, maps, and linear elements
(The new supporting elements)

Linear ElementsLinear Elements

One client, two markets
Gannett’s is composed by a network of over one hudred news publications spread all over the country, papers like AZcentral, Detroit Free Press, The Tennessean, and more. These news papers are their local markets and the USA TODAY newspaper; with nation-wide reach, is their national market. The refresh had to work with both markets.

National market

Video editing

Social media gridSocial media grid

Local market

Video styleguide